Project Kaze

Project Kaze
A six-man team of awesome is coming your way! ♩♬♯ Choruses we're working on: Mr. Music ♪♥♭ Upcoming choruses: Glow

Friday, November 16, 2012


Ryuji's lines 9/11/2012
Ahika's lines 22/1/2013
Choco's lines 22/1/2013

Sunday, July 1, 2012


{Mr Music takes precedence
Can opt out if you're not graduating/feel awkward about it}
Suggestions and votes in the cbox! If you'd like the same voting poll widget thingy, just say!
Try to watch through the entire music video, look for translations, whatever interests you - and see which one touches your heartstrings the most. :) I know the MV for Yell really made me tear up the first time I watched and listened.
Graduation is deep stuff, man. SO YEAH, EMOTIONS NA NA NA. I'm sure everyone will have good memories of PHS after leaving. :D
sakura no ame
tabidachi no hi ni
There are definitely more than just these three, but I think these are the only few I know. Let the ideas flow!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Hey, guys! ~~~ヾ(^∇^) Exaaaams yaaaaay. m(._.)m

A-anyway, I am writing a post today to re-announce the deadline for Mr Music! Mr Music is due by December 2011. Please take your time and focus on your exams! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ I'd additionally like to take a bit of space to apologise for always pushing deadlines onto you. I was ultimately reminded that this chorus is a chorus made out of fun, for fun, and will hopefully always be fun for us! ( ̄へ ̄) I'd like to remind everyone that this is a do-or-don't chorus, which means if you feel like taking part, you take part, and if you don't, you don't take part! For example, if someone just goes "OH MAN I LIKE THIS SONG, WHO WANTS TO DO EET? 8D", then those who are interested and like the song go ahead with their planning while those that have no time (I-I don't know how to make my tone sound nice but I'm sincerely not hating on anyone who doesn't have time. What I'm saying is I totally understand if you don't have time, so please don't be pressurised by this chorus! This chorus isn't a serious chorus, after all.) can choose not to participate at no negative cost.
Remember to have fun and organise as many projects as you want amongst yourselves (all of you are part of a community! I encourage you to have fun on your own! This community is more of a connecting platform than for ShichiHitler to be the only one making any rules! I'd be insanely ecstatic to see someone asking lightheartedly for a duet partner. ;A; COME ON GUYS INTERACT MOAR don't make me force a secret love letter routine for you guys to get to know each other better *coughsvomitscoughs*.
Additionally, I'd like everyone to check out the new poll! Also, a clarification: Project Star can now be ignored if you're an attachment member or do not wish to take part! We'd love to hear your voices!
Now, for a new feature of our programme:

Every post from here after will feature a song! You may be introduced to a song you've never heard before, whether a chorus or cover or even an instrumental jazz piece, and you may just fall in love!
Here we go! Let's start with a pretty-sounding chorus:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Harmony Guide.

My lovely minions, pigeons and smidgens, I come to you today bearing the gift of harmony. I slogged for more than seven hours to bring you this little treasure, in which you will discover a complete and concise guide to harmonizing Mr Music (although the file title has "Almost Complete" in it). Several members will recognise its various two predecessors which were rather short and sketchy. This incarnation, however, has been mixed carefully (as carefully as a flying fishing line) and will be a joy to practice with. I took seven hours because the techniques involved in creating harmonies technologically out of thin air are tedious and dangerous, and I performed an adequate mixing job to try and improve microphone qualities, as well as try to make them similar. The latter was rather unsuccessful due to certain members enjoying extremely bad environmental/laptopical luck. I can hear an effort at energy and I have to admit that it's commendable, although it would be really awesomer if we could all sound happier! I'm sure we don't want our debut to sound like soggy mud pancakes. A strange way to do it is to smile when you sing - not so much as to not be able to pronounce properly, but a small smile. It brings a certain essence into your voice, using the same feeling when a person can hear you smiling happily over the phone conversation although he can't see you. When you listen, you will also get a taste of what some of you sound like together. I advise that you download this to your MP3/cellphone/whatever and listen to it on repeat for a minimum of 4 times. After listening enough to know the sequence it goes in, you are required to sing along. You will then be able to differentiate between the harmonies and the melody. After you've gotten the hang of it, send me a recording (this time, MP3 format is acceptable) of you singing along to the tutorial so that I can see how much more time we need. ALL of you have to do this. We have obviously shot way past the deadline, but let's not hold grudges, eh~?
Here's the link: Fish, fries, and anything rice!

Have fun, and don't hesitate to ask (non-stupid) questions if you need help~!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yume, I haven't seen your practice runs in ages and I have yet to hear any harmonies. We need to meet on Skype soon and discuss something. At least I'm reassured that you've read all the posts, so good job on that. Mic no problems, pitch no problems... I need to hear your timing and your harmonies.

Choco, we need to work on getting you a new mic. Also, I can hear your television in the background and it is freaking loud. If you have questions, PLEASE CHECK THROUGH THE BLOG as you should have. Good job, though, as I've heard your improvement.

Ryuji, you should find a way to bring your mic over to your country and if you can't then please try to get your lines in before your flight and just read all the posts, man. Just ask questions if you're not sure, man. Good work with Photoshop, though. Apologies for the torture you experience.

Ahika, you have to keep shooting me tracks of your practice runs. I need to deal with your mic problems. I will not tolerate behaviour like "Eeew, I sound so sucky here, don't want to send lah". And while I'm directing this at you, I'm also directing this sentence at EVERY OTHER MEMBER. I also need to hear you try harmonising ASAP.

Kana, keep shooting me practice tracks. If you can, bring your mic over to your country. If you can't, then... Do your best. You've learned the song well, but you obviously haven't read past three posts of this blog. Please read all the posts. I'm not even sure you're reading this post, crap.

If I sound like a douchebag in this post, well, dude, I'm abusing my authority here and you can't do anything about it so just listen to my instructions and reap the benefits.

Mainly, everyone, read all the goddamned posts.


I think it's due time I remind you guys to remember to save your recordings in WAV format.
Also, remember that you record seperately, 1 for the melody, and 1 for the harmonies and "Hey Mr Music"s at the talking part. If you don't understand anything, please please ask. There's nothing to lose by asking and perhaps you'll be cleaning up some confusion of your peers who don't dare to ask. :) So please ask. Sometimes it's not your problem, and it's mine because I can't convey the instructions clearly enough. So please ask although Shichi is scary.
Name the filesas instructed in here. As you can see, if you clicked and thinkg "WTF I've never seen this psot before" then you obviously have a load of catching up on hand.

Can everyone send me test runs with mic sensitivity set to 0.4?

Ah, and since we're on the topic of Shichi being scary, if you send me your "final" recording and I don't hear any obvious sense of feeling that Yes, YES, this is it! and that it is obviously better than all your practice runs (as it should be), it, uhh, obviously isn't a final product. >_> Sooo yeah. I'll chuck it back into your face and tell you to redo it until you want to cry/abandon the team/hit me/other things.

That's all, folks.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Post-Chorus Probabilities.

According to the polls, after discrediting 1 count for Cardioid and 1 count for Glow, we have 1 vote for Smiling, 3 votes for Glow, and 1 vote for KOKORO'KISEKI. We failed to receive votes from Kana and Ritia. Additionally, our animator was only recently introduced to the team, so we did not have the chance to grab her vote.
Congratulations to those who voted for Glow, and for those who did not vote for Glow, you might find an even better song in a later project. Whichever way, we hope that you will come to love Glow.

You have a very long time, which is until the December holidays to master Glow. There is no rush to learn it right now. Yes, master, not begin learning. We're building up something really good for Glow, so we will have auditions. These auditions aren't for eliminating people, but for deciding your parts. The auditions go this way: anytime you feel that you have mastered the song - really mastered, to the point that you can sing the song without looking at the lyrics - please do a recording, a serious final recording, and send it to me. Honestly, I don't think it's hard to put it into your phone/MP3/whatever and listen to it on the way to school. Listen to it to the point where it gets annoying - that usually hints that you're starting to know the song well.

During the September holidays, we'll be doing something simpler. We'll have the five-singer showcase, in which each vocalist gets to showcase their own voices. Nobody else's voice will be covering yours. Choose a song that's in your range, a song that might show off your range, a song that fits your voice type, a song that you're comfortable with.
Here's the system: members are to do solos, but have the option of featuring another singer.
You know, "Rihanna ft. Ne-yo" and this and that.
A feature means no dueting (yes, no Suki Kirai where Rin and Len sing an equal number of lines) - rather, it's like having a "guest" over. Perhaps the person will do the rap at the front for you, or the bridge, or the harmonies.
If Vocalist A features Vocalist B, Vocalist B still has to sing his/her own solo, but is then rendered unable to feature another vocalist in his/her solo. Further discussion to the cbox, please.